January 2022 Summary

What a start to the year it has been!

January certainly kept us busy at Crypto Boons Inc. So we have a few updates from the month that we would like to relay.

-www.cryptoboons.com is online
-discord.gg/Ch8ZFec4mn is also available
-The Bull Boon has started landing on the Cardano Blockchain!
-Mint date for first batch of 500 Bull Boons has been set for Feb 14th,2022
-Project verified at Genesis House
-Project submitted for verification to JPG Store
-Project listed in ecosystem.cardanofeed.com
(Upvotes Welcome 😉)
-The Bull Boon itself has debuted on Twitter
(👀 The Bull Boon)

There is a lot of work for us to do as we move towards the minting date of February 14th (we chose valentines day because, well, we love the boons)

We will be focusing on updating our website, online presence, adding our listing to a few drop calendars, and making sure everything goes swimmingly on the mint day.

We also plan to release a simplified version of our roadmap this week, as part of preparation for the mint. (Be prepared for a lot of boon puns)

We are Crypto Boons Inc.
Bullish on Boons, Boonish on Bulls



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