CNFTThe Bull Boons Are Here!

The New CNFT project that brings in the Boons!

Native to the Cardano blockchain, The Bull Boon spends its time running with bulls, securing boons, and fighting bears.

The official membership CNFT of Crypto Boons Inc. A 10,000 piece collection making its way onto the Cardano blockchain. Each Bull Boon has 4–6 features and is classified as Common, Rare, or Super Rare according to the number of features it possesses and related supply. The first batch of boons is minting now and will bring 500 boons to the block…chain

All Bull Boon holders will be entitled to benefits such as Airdrops,Giveaways, Exclusive channels, Discounts, and more!

Our community is just getting started in our plans to build a long lasting presence on the blockchain, and we are excited to start helping our bulls get the boons.

“We are Crypto Boons Inc. Bullish on Boons, Boonish on Bulls.”

About The Bull Boons
Policy ID: 92e3a4de0366317ea0f88f14a6c6212964a3c734fbbcbbd1878a0366

Drop: 500
Future Supply: 10,000(+1)
When: Minting Now!
Cost: 25 ADA

When all 10,000 Boons have made their way to the blockchain, we will auction off The Original Boon, bringing the total supply to 10,001.

For more information

Verified in Marketplaces: (JPG Store) (Genesis house)

Pending Verification:

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